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Poly On Wry
105 :46  mins
Added 08/28/2015
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by Dr. Susan Block “Poly on Wry” is a tasty triple-decker sandwich of polyamorous possibilities, blended households, zesty triads, alphabetized polycules (poly/molecules), designer relationships (with a hat tip to Ken Haslam), open marriages, bonoboësque friends-with-benefits, bachelors-with-girlfriends, girlfriends-with-dating-contests, Dominant/submissive partnerships, kinky alliances, spicy swing parties and other non-conventional sexual arrangements.

Featuring: Aaliyah Corsets , Anthony Winn , Biz Bonobo , Chelsea Demoiselle , Del Rey , Erin the Dating Coach , Hans Petter Gundersen (The Luzers) , Luzer Twersky , Nova , Nova Lux , Wicked , Wry Mantione