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Binders Full of Women
248 photos
Added 05/27/2013
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Everybody’s talking about Mitt Romney’s “Binders Full of Women.” On this show, we actually open up a few of these notorious binders, and all we can say is “Wow! Mitt Baby, we’re impressed.” Of course, the Big O(bama) actually put his muscle where his mouth is for women’s rights, having signed the Lilly Ledbetter Act, which removed the statute of limitations for filing complaints about unequal pay, among other female-friendly things. But, as Mitt declared so forcefully in the second presidential debate, he also supports a woman’s right…to be sexy—in the bedroom, the boardroom and certainly, in binders of all kinds.

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Featuring: Brock Hard , Eva Lin , Kinky Gaga , Rebecca Bardoux , Shay Golden , TS Foxxy

Bastille Day in BonoboVille
427 photos
Added 05/19/2013
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Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité…Sexe! That’s the name of the game when we celebrate Bastille Day on The Dr. Susan Block Show with the spirit of the French Revolution, French wine, French flags, French fries (though they’re really Belgian), French Can-Can (performed in the traditional manner, with no panties), French ballet (danced naked), French songs (sung during Sybian rides), French bread (used as dildos) and, of course, lots of French kissing and French sex, aided and abetted by very strong, very French, practically hallucinogenic Absente Absinthe (now made with real wormwood!). Even before the Absinthe, I attempt to open the show en français: Les Frères et les Soeurs, les Amants et les Pécheurs, les Artistes et les Exhibitionnistes, les Voyeurs et les Connaisseurs….Tout vous Enfants du Sexe, et nous sommes tous les Enfants du Sexe. Nous pouvons ou pouvoir ne pas être des Enfants de Dieu, mais nous sommes tous les Enfants du Sexe. Peux j’entendre ‘Amen’? Peux j’entendre ‘Awomen’? Joyeux Quatorze Juillet! Joyeux Jour Bastille! Ou comme nous disons dans l’anglais “Happy Bastille Day!” And then the coquettes and baguettes go frolicking through an American interpretation of a French adventure, against an enchanted backdrop of bleu, blanc et rouge erotic francophilia, whimsically designed by my deliciously twisted producer, Tasia Sutor, who looks like a cross between a can-can girl, a beret-clad artiste and a French pastry. Bastille Day commemorates the “storming of the Bastille” on the 14th of July, 1789, one of the opening shots of the French Revolution, in which old ideas about tradition, hierarchy, monarchy and religious authority were abruptly overthrown by the new Enlightenment principles of Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité. Though the “storming of the Bastille” has a sexy ring to it, the event itself was rather bloody, including a mob lynching of the Bastille Governor, followed over the years, by massive executions via the famous French guillotine. Here at the Speakeasy, we’d rather make love, not war. Instead of the guillotine, we just spank your bare bottom with a hard baguette. This show includes a tribute to one of our favorite show guests and friends, the wonderful, gorgeous, sexy and hilarious Holly Stevens, Queen of Clown Porn and Queen of Our Hearts, who succumbed to a particularly aggressive form of breast cancer at the age of 30. I don’t know if Holly had ever been to France, but I do know she lived by those Enlightened French principles: Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité…et Sexe, right up until the end.

Featuring: Bella Luciano , Faouzi "Faz" Brahimi , Kinky Gaga , Minette Chocolat , Prinzzess Felicity Jade

Kink Survivors
108 :56  mins
Added 04/07/2013
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As we enter week three of Masturbation Month, there is plenty of other entering happening on the Womb Room bed—namely a public demonstration of auto-anal-sodomy. This real-life miracle of masturbatory performance serves to represent the eternal circle of sex-life as we welcome a slew of guests from the wonderful whack-happy world of Kink, all here to honor kinky survivors in their battles with the Big C. With all the spanking, flogging, roping, masturbating and sucking going on in this orgiastic show, it’s hard not to get your panties in a bunch—which is precisely what happens as we watch an entire pair of panties be inserted into a most receptive vagina, ultimately to be removed as one delightfully moist bundle of joy. It is the circle of sex-life indeed, brothers and sisters! Amen! And Awomen! And last but not least, happy birthday to our favorite show producer Tasia!

Featuring: Alice Kingsnorth , Audrey Rose , Henry Jacob , Jack Hammer , Victoria Veil
Categories: bondage, kinky

Expedition Gone Wild
287 photos
Added 02/15/2013
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For this special expedition into our erotic wild side, Tasia transforms my Womb Room into a fantasy jungle filled with ferocious stuffed animals, a gentle live snake, some trouser snakes, NatGeo’s famous Expedition Wild “animal whisperer,” porn stars gone wild, naked ladies, pretty pussies, horny dogs, cuddly bears, expeditionists, exhibitionists, lovers and friends, all of us (as I often say) “Children of Sex.” Indeed, we’re all Children of Animal Sex (humans being animals), having evolved from other animals and being related to all the creeping, leaping, flying, sprinting, swimming critters of the world. Listen free and learn to free your inner animal, your erotic wild side that is usually repressed by society’s attempts to “civilize” our prehistoric sexual nature (see Sex at Dawn). Not that I’m recommending that anybody toss out their wedding rings, iPads, insulin or ethics (although some animals—especially bonobos–can be rather ethical). But I think it helps to recognize our animal nature and, under certain special circumstances—like when you’re with someone you love and trust or when you’re in BonoboVille—it’s erotically healthy to release the sexy beast within.

I almost called this show Expedition Love since love for animals and each other is a running theme, as well as the last name of one of our guests, and in the midst of all the sex partying and Sybian-riding, the seed of real romance appears to have been planted. I won’t name names yet, as these are very special seeds indeed, and the little love bud that seems to have sprouted needs private attention before being exposed to the often harsh light of society.

Speaking of special kinds of love, this show is dedicated to the memory of one of my longterm inspirations in life, literature, politics and sex: Gore Vidal. “I never miss an opportunity to have sex or appear on television,” the late great political exhibitionist sayeth, to which I reply Amen and Awomen. Sex and television are super fun, as long as you don’t take either too seriously.

Vidal is also famous for proclaiming that “There is no such thing as a homosexual or a heterosexual person. There are only homo- or heterosexual acts. Most people are a mixture of impulses if not practices.” Many non-human animals are too. Both female and male bonobos are notoriously bisexual, and gay and bisexual activity has been documented among lions, giraffes, African elephants and American bison, to name a few. Male grey whales have been observed engaging in “penis fencing,” like male bonobos—not to mention some guys—do. Male Amazon river dolphins engage in anal, genital and blowhole penetration, giving a whole new meaning to the term “blowjob.” There’s a rainbow of sexual diversity in the wild, as there is in any human neighborhood.

So many of my sex therapy clients need to relax and enjoy sex, or “get up” the courage to pursue sexual opportunities, without “over-thinking.” It’s funny how often the answer lies in releasing the wild animal within from the cage of our neuroses.

Featuring: Aaliyah Love , Agwa de Bolivia Coca Leaf Liqueur , Andreas Beasley , Casey Anderson , Freak-A-Nique , Jackie , Kim Kandy , Kinky Gaga , Yara
Categories: Black, Dancing, Dildo Play, interacial, interracial, Kissing, lesbians, Orgasm, Sybian, Toys, Vibrator, XXX

Kafkaesque Sex
402 photos
Added 12/04/2012
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Air Date: 07/08/2012

“I am a cage, in search of a bird.” -Franz Kafka

I originally named this show “Kafkaesque Sex” in reference to my guests, the UCLA psychology-professor fronted band with hot topless back-up singers: Crying 4 Kafka. As it turns out, the band, dubbed “the pundits of punk” by the LA Weekly, is not the only Kafkaesque aspect of this surreally sexy show in which various technical malfunctions and prop disappearances thwart me, my staff, guests and (probably) you, yet ultimately lead all of us to amazing climaxes of great orgasmic, artistic, educational, masturbational and utterly hilarious heights. Such is life, sex and Kafka.

Now just in case you don’t know Kafka from the Kardashians, Franz Kafka (1883-1924), the Czech author of such masterworks as The Metamorphosis and The Trial, was considered one of the greatest writers of the 20th century, famous for his profound, absurdist scenarios that are, on a cerebral level, even wilder than this show, but without the happy, orgiastic, singing, dancing, squirting-on-the-Sybian, bonobo-esque ending.

Featuring: Brandon Thibeault , Catherine Imperio , Chris Gore , Dr. Paul Abramson , Jess DP , Jux Leather , Kinky Gaga , Master Liam , Samantha Fairley , Tasia , Teagan Presley , Vanessa Goodmanson
Categories: Agwa Shots, Dancing, Dildo Play, Dildo's, Pole Dancing, Vibrator

Barrymores, Porn Stars, Acting & Exhibitionism
98 :24  mins
Added 10/25/2012
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Air Date: 09/29/2012

Are great actors often driven by exhibitionism, the erotic desire to be seen? Moreover, in our age of Youtube, Twitter and Facebook, can any exhibitionist with a camera phone be an “actor” (possibly even an international celebrity, should their Internet exhibitionism go viral)? These are two of the great questions we address—body, mind and soul—in this dramatic, farcical and orgasmic show, featuring a distinguished and charming member of one of theatrical history’s greatest, most important, virtually royal families—the Barrymores—and three delightful actor/exhibitionists who also happen to be porn stars.

Featuring: Flash Brown , Gia Steel , John Barrymore , Jux Leather , Lucky Starr , MIA , Pipedream Products
Categories: 420, Agwa Shots, Barrymore, Bi-Sexuality, Blowjob, Cunnilingus, Dildo's, interacial, Live taping, mature, Orgy, Pole Dancing, Pornstars, sex toys, Snakes, Striptease, Sybian, Titty-Sucking

188 photos
Added 10/22/2012
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Date: 08/17/2012

Vegas is packed with people who play it safe in life, then blow all their hard-earned cash into the mouths of machines that light up like a lover’s eyes, mid-climax. Then there’s the sound of Vegas: all that beeping and squealing, bizarrely resembling orgasm after mechanical orgasm. As long as you keep caressing those sensitive slots with money shots, it never stops.

Vegas-style gambling is a Weapon of Mass Seduction. Personally, I prefer to place my bets on my own relatively high-risk work and play: my amazing 20-year marriage that most folks said wouldn’t last, my unconventional sex therapy practice, my uncategorizable show and my belief in ethical hedonism and the Bonobo Way of peace through pleasure. The odds of winning the kind of “games” I like to play are riskier than black jack, and the path to victory is a minefield littered with losers, lovers, foes and friends who trip your every step. But the joy is in the playing—in doing it, as the great gambler Sinatra sang, “My Way.” And every so often, if you play long, hard and “my way” enough, with a little help from Lady Luck, you might win.

Featuring: Agwa de Bolivia Coca Leaf Liqueur , Captain Max , Daryl Wright , Dr. Ted McIlvenna , Erotic Heritage Museum , Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality (IASHS) , Jux Leather , Jux Lii , Leya Falcon , Lola Ya Bonobo , Snake Babe , Tasia , Yara
Categories: Absinthe, Blowjob, Imperio, strapon

Sex, Toys & Rock n Roll
100 :50  mins
Added 10/17/2012
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Length: 102:55 minutes Date: 09/22/2012

It’s the autumnal equinox, and as the sun rises later and night falls sooner, humans find comfort in sex, toys and rock n roll, and so it has been since prehistory. Sex, of course, has been around a lot longer than humans, going all the way back to the cellular level of life. Sex toys—using inanimate objects for sexual pleasure—are also older than humanity. Chimps and monkeys rub their genitalia against tree branches. Years ago, I saw Lana, a female bonobo in the San Diego Zoo, bouncing a rubber ball vigorously against her big pink swollen vulva. It was obvious she wasn’t just practicing her dribble; she was using the rubber ball as a masturbatory sex toy.

Rock n Roll also has prehistoric—even, perhaps, prehuman—antecedents. Chimps and bonobos bang on hollow tree logs to make a kind of “music.” Kanzi—probably the world’s most famous “genius” bonobo thanks to his work with the brilliant Dr. Sue Savage-Rumbaugh—has jammed quite harmoniously on the keyboards with Peter Gabriel.

Charles Darwin hypothesized that music’s evolutionary purpose was for human sexual selection or, as Geoffrey Miller stated, the role of musical display was—and still is—for “demonstrating fitness to mate.” This is why rock stars often have even more active sex lives than porn stars. And this is why this show is so much fun!

Featuring: California Exotic Novelties , Condomania Condoms , Kim Kandy , Kylie Johnson , Munkey Barz , Phil Varone , Pipedream Products , Tara Lynn Foxx , Tom Quinn
Categories: Blowjob, Munkey Barz, Pole Dancing, Pornstars, Snakes, Striptease, Sybian

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