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"Cam girl, peepshow dancer, stripper... and new adult star! It turns me on, makes me wet, to have such sexy times as my job!

I also love gifts. Feel free to peruse my wishlist!
I will provide video or photos of me using these items for the gift giver."
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Animal Play Birthday
101 :11  mins
Added 09/09/2017
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by Dr. Susan Block. In honor of human pet specialist Madame Margherite’s emergence into the world, our theme for this show is Animal Play, the Bonobo Way. With dance, romance, roleplay, cake, communion, spankings, a sparkling butt plug and a multi-orgasmic, squirting Motorbunny ride, we unleash our inner animals with a roar, a purr, a moan, a squeal, a growl and shrieks of animalistic delight. And it feels good. We humans are animals, of course, although we often forget that we are, and most of mainstream religions try to tell us we aren’t. This can really screw up our sexuality, our emotions, our politics and our environment; just check out the fake news and the real news, and you know what I mean.

Featuring: Chef BeLive , Daniele Watts , Gypsy , Ikkor , Madame Margherite , Sebastian Walker