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It’s The SUZYs! Announcing the 6th Annual DrSusanBlock.Tv Awards for 2017
108 :58  mins
Added 12/30/2017
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by Dr. Susan Block It’s our last live DrSuzy.Tv broadcast of 2017, a year that was awesome and awful, terrific and terrible—or Trumpible, if you will, since much of the terror was caused by the Trumpus. Whether you loved or hated it, this year is in the rear (for my full year-in-review and unadulterated thoughts on the unbonobo presidunce and erotic resistance, see #GoBonobos in 2018, also in Counterpunch). Thus, with a fond farewell to this year’s 45 sensational shows, a Merry New Year and a very Happy Nude Rear to all, we present the 2017 SUZY awards.

Featuring: Agwa de Bolivia Coca Leaf Liqueur , Alex More , Amanda Blow , Amor Hilton , Anita Teresa Boeninger , Annie Sprinkle , Bonobo Conservation Initiative , Cannabelly , Carmina Formosa aka [ai] , Catalyst of the UK , Catherine Imperio , Chef BeLive , Christiana Cinn , Christina Hepburn , Christine Dupree , Daniele Watts , Dedeker Winston , DeMask , Denise Acosta , Dr. Laurie Bennett-Cook , Elizabeth Aston , Eva Cruz , Ginger Lynn , Goddess Genesis , Goddess Phoenix , Goddess Soma Snakeoil , Gracie May Green , Greg Friedman , Heather Claus , Ikkor the Wolf , Jack Murdock , Jezebel Sweet , Jux Lii , Keef Ward , Kenzie Reeves , Kourtney Van Wales , Kristen Kraves , Layla Sin , Lexi Mansfield , Linda Maria Rodriguez , Lola Fae , Lola Ya Bonobo , Luzer Twersky , Madam Grace Marie , Madame Margherite , Mademoiselle-Ilo of Paris , Mark Brown , Melissa Hill , Michael Q. Schmidt , Mike Marinacci , Missy Galore , Mistress Cyan , Mistress Porcelain Midnight , Mistress Ravensong , Mistress Tara Indiana , Moushumi Ghose , Mpenzi , Nicholas Tana , Nori Carter , Penny Antine , Phoenix Dawn , Professor Oni , Rachael Cavalli , Rachael Frank , Raven Rae , Rhiannon Aarons , Rhonda Jo Petty , Riley Reyes , Ron Jeremy , Sally Mullins , Samantha Fairley , Sarah Crosthwaite , Sebastian Walker , Serena , Shelbi Mullen , Shelby Delanie , Sheree Rose , Sir Pent , Switch Em , Tammie Parrott , Tamura Bettie , The Bonobo Project , Tim Sewall (T.M.I.)

130 :7  mins
Added 09/30/2017
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by Dr. Susan Block Wankers, spankers, filmmakers and pornstars gather together in the Womb Room Cathedral of the Church of Bonoboville to wind up Self-Love September, break the Yom Kippur fast (well, I was breaking the fast) and kick off Kink Month with stimulating talk about masturbation education, a sensuous topless Bonoboville Communion and an orgasmic, remote-controlled ride on the Motorbunny.

Featuring: Aaliyah Corsets , Antoinette , Denise Acosta , Goddess Soma Snakeoil , Gypsy , Ikkor the Wolf , Jacquie Blu , Nicholas Tana , Sailor Luna

Sexpot Sister Resisters
108 :1  mins
Added 08/26/2017
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by Dr. Susan Block With everything even crazier and Nazi-er than last week, it takes a congregation of sister-resisters, rappers and porn stars to theatrically engage the insanity of the political moment, as well as escape into bliss, the Bonobo Way. That is exactly the kind of group we assemble here in the Womb Room Cathedral of the Worldwide Church of Bonoboville: trans porn legend Kourtney van Wales, “barely legal” porn starlet Veronica Valentine, anti-Trump activist and cultural anthropologist Susan Cooper, rapper extraordinaire Ikkor the Wolf, our own beloved Gypsy Bonobo, Jacquie Blu and the truth-talking Capt’n Max. We also have our Trump voodoo doll, aka “Putin’s Puppet,” the big plush-toy dick with a tiny penis and Trump’s tangerine face, now also sporting a Hitler mustache and a KKK style DUNCE cap.

Featuring: Gypsy , Ikkor the Wolf , Jacquie Blu , Kourtney Van Wales , Susan Cooper