Tamura Bettie

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A free-spirited Virgo trying to find my path. While having compassion & love, for myself and others.❤
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Art with Teeth
109 :37  mins
Added 07/29/2017
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by Dr. Susan Block What an effervescent intersection of artistic expression—politics, parody, music and sex—featuring some of the fantastic “Resistance Art,” artists, movers and booty-shakers of TAWDRY: Art with Teeth, the exhibit opening this coming Saturday at the Hive in DTLA. Plus, we celebrate our beloved Gypsy’s birthday in bawdy bonoboësque style with a bunch of beauteous, bare boobies and some very sensuous Bonoboville Communions. And man, oh man-child, do we whack tRUMP!

Featuring: Al Schute , Gypsy , Ikkor , Keef Ward , Michael Q. Schmidt