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My Big Beautiful Birthday Bacchanal 2017
107 :2  mins
Added 06/10/2017
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by Dr. Susan Block. Wow. What a birthday. What a bacchanal of beauty, bonobo love, music, laughter, spanking and rejuvenating sex with a capital X. Amen and Awomen. Praise be to the power and glory of sex. It keeps you young. And you keep me young, brothers and sisters, lovers and sinners of Inner and Greater Bonoboville. At least, you keep me from ever growing up. The proof is in this party, un feliz cumpleaños, un buon cumpleanno, yom hooledet sameyach, un joyeux anniversaire, an ecstatic orgiastic celebration of life, a Festival of Eros, with a nod of respect to Thanatos, and a very happy birthday to remember through any remaining birthdays I have left on this Earth. Thank you, Bonoboville—my awesome staff (see bottom of this blog), guests, readers, listeners, viewers and patrons—for everything you do that makes this crazy, kinky, wonderful life possible.

Featuring: Aaliyah Corsets , Amanda Blow , Biz Bonobo , Chef BeLive , Christiana Cinn , Daniele Watts , Daryl Wright , Derek Wilder , Erika Simone , Gypsy , Ikkor the Wolf , Janelle Hopkins , John Clark , Kristen Kraves , Mistress Liz , Raven Rae , Rhiannon Aarons , Sheree Rose , Sir Pent