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"The Bonobo Project is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that seeks to elevate the status of the endangered bonobo." #GoBonobos Personal Site:  Bonobo Project
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Sex and Cuddling to Cool Down “Fire and Fury” in The Trumpocalypse
104 :33  mins
Added 08/12/2017
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by Dr. Susan Block At the tail end of this overheated, Trumpocalyptic summer week, we really need to chill out with some good sex and cuddles, the Bonobo Way. Yes indeed, Brothers and Sisters, the “fire and fury” flowed out of the gaping mouth of the Mango Mussolini like lava from a vermillion volcano, spreading molten threats around the world of going nuclear on North Korea, invading Venezuela and bombing ISIS in the Philippines; and then back to North Korea to sputter on about how his first fiery threats were just not fiery enough.

Featuring: Chloe Wilcox , Christina Hepburn , Gypsy , Jacquie Blu , Stephanie Allen