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Supermoon Spectacular
113 :16  mins
Added 09/10/2015
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by Dr. Susan Block The big fat silvery Supermoon of summer’s end beams over Bonoboville throughout this show in all “her” radiant glory, fearsome mystery and erotic power, bathing us in eroticizing celestial moonshine well into the after-party. This massive August moon is not *just* full as the belly of a woman about to give birth; it is also at “perigee,” the moment when la luna (español for the moon) is closest to Earth in its orbit. The full moon coinciding with perigee makes it appear even larger (thus the term “supermoon), which is a tremendous turn-on for us lunar size-queens. Perhaps that’s why this show glows with so much luminous excitement, wild sex, fun and bonoboësque wisdom. Or maybe it’s the sky-rocketing So Cali heat that makes the clothes come off and the passions pour forth with such force, velocity, generosity and unrestrained freedom of expression. Another integral part of the “moon magic” of this show springs from the talent and openness of my two featured guests, Leilani Lei and Dayton Rains, both virgins to The Dr. Susan Block Show, but already ardent adherents to the Bonobo Way.

Featuring: Biz Bonobo , Chelsea Demoiselle , Dayton Rains , Helane , Hollywood Jake