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Relaxation Day
102 :38  mins
Added 09/08/2015
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By Dr. Susan Block It’s Relaxation Day on DrSuzy.Tv, and boy, do we need to relax. Especially when sex is on the menu. Bonobos are experts in the erotic art of relaxation, but for us civilized humans, it’s not so easy. If we’re nervous or tense—fearing any real or imagined danger—our bodies tend to *defend* us against attack, but also against pleasure, all too often resulting in lost erections, missed orgasms, pain, shame, blame, tearful recriminations, hostility and in some situations, even violence. So best to learn to release your inner bonobo and relaxxx! Breathe deep into your pelvis, do a little yoga or just stretch, put on the right music, take a puff of ganja or a sip of Agwa, shake that bootie and let that tension go. That’s my sex-therapeutic takeaway for Relaxation Day.

Featuring: Biz Bonobo , Chelsea Demoiselle , Layla Blue Phoenix