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Valentine Lupercalia Bacchanalia -3
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Added 03/05/2015
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by Dr. Susan Block It’s V-Day 2015 on DrSuzy.Tv, and we celebrate Western civilization’s high holiday of love with a fantastic, orgiastic festival of lust. This sexy star-studded tribute to Lupercalia, the original pagan Valentine’s Day, is one wild, whip-cracking, spanking-hot, swinging, suckling, heart-felt feast for all the senses, including your sense of history. Just in case you don’t know, the history of the idealized, sanitized and highly commercialized holiday we call “Valentine’s Day” is rooted in the fascinating, ancient bacchanalian end-of-Winter festival of the Lupercalia (listen to me tell the story here), which we citizens of Bonoboville have resurrected from the annals of prehistoric Rome to the anals (and hot heart-shaped asses) of modern life. Yes indeed, long before there was the “holy crap” of ”holy crap” of 50 Shades of Grey, there was the sacred, consensual “BDSM” of Lupercalia in red. Get that illuminating history lesson here.

Featuring: Amor Hilton , Charli Piper , Chelsea Demoiselle , Haley Sweet , Jux Leather , Little Loni Legend , Rainey Lane , Ron Jeremy , Smokey Binion Jr.