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Post 22nd Anniversary - Kitchen Table Orgy
30 : mins
Added 07/25/2014
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The best part of our 22nd Wedding Anniversary party was the after-party! Isn’t it always? Having just competed at the Exotic Dancer Invitational Competition, where she won for “Best Pussy,” at 3am, SHAY LYNN rushed in and rebooted the party with an electrifying jolt, turning it into our first full-blown KITCHEN TABLE ORGY, Shay splaying her amazing body upon the kitchen table and offered herself up for all of Bonoboville to feast upon. But unlike most meals, the more we ate Shay, the more Shay wanted to be eaten… as well as fingered and pretty much everything else, including Dark Phoenix’s scary-looking power tool sex toy that sounded like a buzz saw and felt almost as good as the Hitachi Magic Wand. Then Shay’s friend Selena took her place on the kitchen table as everybody’s breakfast. Selena had “never done this before,” but she pulled out all the stops as she opened her luscious body for the delectation of all, including her boyfriend AJ who screwed her so silly, I had to ask if she was all right (“Yes,” she said, she was having the time of her life). After several screaming orgasms, she begged her friend Cotti to go down on her. Though they’d known each other for years, their friendship had never before included sex, but Cotti slowly, teasingly granted Selena’s request, and the two girlfriends had a real bonobo moment of erotic truth. Meanwhile, Jux Lii was making Shay SQUIRT all over the kitchen floor, and oh so much more! You’ll just have to see it all here on DrSuzy.Tv. Now excuse me while I kiss the groom.

Featuring: Christopher Casey , Cotti , Dark Phoenix , Jux Leather , Jux Lii , Selena , Shay Lynn
Categories: Girl-Girl, High Heels, Hitachi Magic Wand, Masturbation, naked, Orgasm, Orgy, play party, Pornstars, Sex, sex toys, Squirting, Titty-Sucking, XXX

Wedding Anniversary #22: Green Horse Party
27 :4  mins
Added 07/16/2014
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Seems like just 22 hours… but it was 22 years ago that I tied the marital knot with the love of my life, and Saturday night we commemorated that auspicious, legally binding (all that bondage language tells you something about marriage, doesn’t it?) human mating ritual with a rolling party at the Green Horse bar, a squirting-screaming orgy in the Bonoboville kitchen and another epic episode in the ongoing “show” that is our conjoined Saturday night lives...

Featuring: Ashley Manta , Captain Max , Chris Gore , Corpsy , Jin N Tonic , Jux Leather , Jux Lii , Selma Sins , Siren Selene , Tammie Parrott

Masturbation de Mayo
100 : mins
Added 05/01/2013
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What do you get when the first Saturday night of Masturbation Month happens to fall on Cinco de Mayo? Orgasms—por todo del mes! Sí, hermanos y hermanas, we are all in the holiday spirit in the Womb Room—especially when it cums to masturbating. And this fiesta is overflowing with a multi-cultural, multi-orgasmic whammy of celebrations with a heady helping of education, as we kick off Masturbation Month on Cinco de Mayo with hot and humorous masturbation stories, a provocative report from an SFU researcher on masturbation and media, a record number of on-show Sybian rides, a spanking hot birthday bash, oodles of tickling and teasing from some of the prettiest gals on the planet, naughty anatomically correct piñatas, a fantastic foot fetish demo, climaxing with a sudden, spectacular fountaining fiesta of female ejaculation all over my Mexican Mother Mary towel. ¡Viva la Masturbación!

Featuring: Corpsy , Jonni Lynch , Kayla Danger , Malena Morgan , Sasha Sweet , Yasi Mandanikia
Categories: Masturbation

Three Sexpot Couples & Charlotte
121 :27  mins
Added 05/03/2012
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Air Date: 11/05/2011

This show is dedicated to committed couples who keep their bedroom doors wide open. My featured guests are three sexy young power couples: one married five years, one about to get married in two weeks and another living and working together “24/7” for the past year. All three have open relationships, and one even brings a gorgeous American Apparel model/porn star who is their current erotic “distraction.” It’s a chilly autumn night, but my Womb Room heats up fast when one guest gets so hot she literally breathes fire, tonguing the flames like a lover. Several other, less dangerous types of oral erotica ensue, climaxing with a hot husband and husband-to-be giving heroic cunnilingus and analingus to their wife and fiancée, respectively, side by side, as the rest of us cheer them on in this make-shift “Pussy-Eating Boot Camp,” demonstrating two keys to any hot sexy marriage: giving fantastic head and a keeping a good sense of Commedia Erotica.

Featuring: Billy Antiseptic , Jeremy Conway , Katie Kinns , Lyla Storm , Marlo Marquis , Mona Sunoy , Tasia
Categories: Agwa Shots, bi sex, Cunnilingus, Fingering, Panties, Snakes, Spanking, Titty-Sucking, Vibrator