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Designer Relationships, Filly Films
87 :25  mins
Added 09/23/2015
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by Dr. Susan Block How can you enjoy a good book? Let me count the ways… You can read it, study its poetry or prose, savor its style, explore its meaning, laugh at its jokes, learn from its lessons, put it in a library, discuss it with fellow readers, lend it out to friends, sell it, review it on Amazon, tweet about it, give it as a gift, drop it like a bomb (“shock & awe” with no casualties) or… you could use a book as a spanking paddle to whack a birthday girl’s bottom into a brand spanking new year of life on Earth which also happens to be a spanking new start to the Jewish new year, a.k.a. “Rosh Hashanah.” And Amen and Awomen to all that. Indeed, as we “Fall” into The Bonobo Way, we can see that one of the great literary discoveries of The Dr. Susan Block Show in the Year of the Bonobo (2015) is the remarkably sound spanking capabilities of a good solid print edition. This revelation has made “book-spankings” almost as popular here in Bonoboville as Sybian rides, flogging and Hitachi. On this show, a book-spanking brings together authors, porn stars and a birthday girl’s beautiful bottom in a way that gives peace-through-pleasure to all… as well as a lesson learned

Featuring: Ana Foxxx , Biz Bonobo , Chelsea Demoiselle , Del Rey , Jux Leather , Lotus Lain , Mark A Michaels & Patricia Johnson

Filly Girls
93 :19  mins
Added 04/10/2012
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Air Date: 10/15/2011

The horse is a powerful sexual symbol, from knights on white horses rescuing and ravishing beautiful damsels to Zoo-ish perversities involving the stallion’s enormous member. The half-human/half-horse centaurs of ancient Greek mythology were notoriously libidinous, and I know I’m not the only woman who’s climaxed with a muscular steed galloping between my thighs (it’s not about the dick, darling; it’s about the rib cage). The Peter Shaffer play Equus explores the conflation of sex, religion and horses—mostly stallions. The mare is the adult female horse. And then there is the filly (not to be confused with my hometown of Philly), the younger female horse, who lends her name, like the pony, the chick, the bird, the bitch and the pussy, to any sexy young woman with a tail worth chasing. The fine fillies in this show, some of whom hail from lesbian erotica-oriented Filly Films, go buck-wild, turning the Womb Room into a romping rodeo of unbridled girly sex. Because hay may be for horses, but getting-the-freak-on is for fillies.

Featuring: Agwa de Bolivia Coca Leaf Liqueur , Dana Vespoli , Morgan Bailey , Raymond Seville , Sheena Ryder , Sinn Sage , Tasia
Categories: Agwa Shots, Blowjob, Butt Play, Cunnilingus, Dildo Play, interracial, Kissing, Panties, Pornstars, Punk Girls, Spanking, strapon, Striptease, Titty-Sucking, Transgender, Vibrator