Paul Sapiano

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Episode Bloggamy:  Hollywood Sex Wars
Episode Bloggamy:  Bday Bacchanalia 2013
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Bday Bacchanalia 2013
95 :2  mins
Added 07/09/2013
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It’s my birthday! Many years ago (I won’t say how many—I don’t want to shock you), I emerged…I wish I could say it was from my Mom’s vagina, but I was a Cesarean. Maybe that’s why I’m bisexual: trying to crawl into a vagina so I can emerge from it, born again…

Featuring: Aaliyah Corsets , Amor Hilton , Anthony Winn , Benjamin Godfre , Brianna Brooks , Captain Max , Dark Phoenix , Eva Lin , Fawnia , Heidi Hollywood , Hernando Chaves , Isiah King James , Kiki Daire , Laurence Harvey , Lotus Lain , Moe The Monster , Murrugun the Mystic , Nyomi Banxxx , Odette Delacroix , Robert “Corpsy” Rhine , Savannah Jane , Selena White , Selma Sins , Sex Nerd Sandra , Steve Nelson , Vanessa Goodmanson , Yossi Vardan
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Hollywood Sex Wars
105 :32  mins
Added 03/21/2012
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Having just broken a long and light-headed Yom Kippur fast, we’re hungry for it here at the Speakeasy…and by “it” I mean the deliciously funny and sexy new indie film, Hollywood Sex Wars. Just released with an R rating for its scintillating scenes of nude bouncing boobs plus assorted party drugs, HSW focuses a comical yet illuminating light on the Darwinian battle of the sexes raging on the mean streets of Hollywood where “guys try to get laid and girls try to get paid.” On this stimulating RadioSUZY1 broadcast, HSW’s creator and some of its sexiest, funniest cast members—plus one sultry LA journalist and a guy in a chastity belt—talk shop, sex, drugs, relationships, fetishes, Wall Street, Hollywood, cum shots in R-rated movies, Orthodox Jewish sex practices, revolution, true love and so much more (see Weapons of Mass Discussion below), as well as frolic on my bed with vibrators, dildo swords, Vulva Puppets, 911 panties, squirting cocks and Agwa.

Featuring: Agwa de Bolivia Coca Leaf Liqueur , AV Flox , Captain Max , Christine Nguyen , Dominique Purdy , Jacqui Holland , Steve the Cuckold
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