Richard Beatty

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Rick Beatty talk's politics and pop culture weekly with Jody Hamilton on "From The Bunker."

Personal Site:  From the Bunker
Social Media:  @fromthebunkerjr
Facebook:   @Richard.beatty1
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Hoop Magic in the Trumpocalypse
99 :39  mins
Added 08/19/2017
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by Dr. Susan Block Surviving the Trumpocalypse, without losing your marbles or your morals, or falling victim to Post-Trump Sex Disorder, involves a balance of engagement and escape. We explore both on this show, engaging in a stimulating discussion of the real and “fake” news as well as escaping from that disturbing, discombobulating cauldron of dystopian disinformation with some excellent entertainment in the realms of hooping, magic, breast therapy and erotic romance.

Featuring: Gypsy , Ikkor the Wolf , Jack Murdock , Nori Carter , Shelbi Mullen