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"Hailing from the sunny skies of southern California, Satyr is UCLA’s oldest (and only!) nonprofit comedy publication. Though Satyr slipped under the radar and into a coma in the 1970s, it was revived in 2012 by an ambitious (though not necessarily accomplished) group of attractive individuals hoping to bring humor, joy, and laughter back into the heretofore decrepit Westwood comedy scene." Personal Site:  The Satyr Magazine
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Riley Reyes & UCLA’s SATYR Magazine punish Trump’s Rump for the Worst First 100 Days & Kick Off
110 :27  mins
Added 05/03/2017
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by Dr. Susan Block This show really hits the spot! Yes indeed, like a great massage for the body, mind and spirit (including school spirit), it hits a lot of spots: sex, politics, parody, poetry, punishment, lapdance, domination, education, masturbation, an amazing, very explicit gynecological demonstration and an ecstatic sapiosexual celebration—the kind you can only experience (as far as I know) in a place we call Bonoboville.

Featuring: Amelia Jones , Chef BeLive , Daniele Watts , George Gutten , Gypsy , Ikkor the Wolf , Mistress Liz , Rachael Frank , Riley Reyes , Sarah Crosthwaite