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A Poly St. Paddy's in Bonoboville
96 :29  mins
Added 03/21/2017
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by Dr. Susan Block Polyamory means “many loves,” not just many sex partners. Nevertheless, it sure seems like being poly gives you more ways to “get lucky,” especially on St. Patrick’s Day Saturday night in Bonoboville. Certainly, Bonoboville is lucky to have this stimulating group of authors, pundits and porn stars, gathered on and around my broadcast bed. We whip up a sapiosexual’s delight of heart-y and illuminating conversation for the first course of the evening, then top it off with a delicious dessert of poly-flavored Bonoboville Communions with our favorite green adult beverage, Irish-owned Agwa de Bolivia Herbal Coca Leaf Liqueur. As Communion “altars,” we incorporate a variety of body parts, from backs to boobs to an impressive 10-inch Irish shillelagh.

Featuring: Jacquie Blu , Jase Lindgren , Kristen Kraves , Natalie Chen , Todd Jones