Alexandra Silk

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Xmas Sexmas Solstice Saturnalia, the Bonobo Way
97 :29  mins
Added 01/02/2016
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By Dr. Susan Block Bonoboville sparkles with the spirit of Xmas, the heat of Sexmas, the wonders of Winter Solstice and the carnivalesque carnalities and unexpected upheavals of Saturnalia, as friends, lovers, sexperts and sexpots gather together to share stimulating ideas, good vibes, deep emotions and delicious bodies, celebrating the erotic fecundity of life in the dead of winter. Not that the chilly season ever gets too harsh in sunny So Cal, but still, Baby It’s Cold Outside!

Featuring: Dayton Rains , Del Rey , Dr. Dawn Michael , Goddess Maya , Jux Leather , Kiki Daire , L'Erotique , Luc Wylder , Ono Bonobo

Capt'n Max Bday
113 :3  mins
Added 11/13/2015
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Capt’n Max, a.k.a., Pr. Maximillian R. Leblovic di Lobkowicz di Filangieri, was born at the Vatican Hospital in Rome, on November 8th 1943. At the tender age of seven, he and a horde of other deposed royal families of Europe set sail on a big beautiful ship, eventually arriving in the Great Promised Land of Montclair, New Jersey. There he grew up to be a truly revolutionary publisher of such titles as The LA Star, Love Magazine, Hate, God, Finger, Meetings with Remarkable People, The Brentwood Bla Bla, Beverly Hills, the Magazine and many more, pioneering the first “reader-written” media which exploded in the Internet Age, becoming the behemoth we now call “social media.”

Featuring: Aaliyah Corsets , Captain Max , Dayton Rains , Del Rey , Isiah King James , Isiah Maxwell , Jessica Shores , Luc Wylder , Ron Jeremy

Sex Across America
104 :57  mins
Added 01/04/2015
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From Ferguson to Washington, murder and mayhem are heating up the land, much of it committed by officers sworn to protect and serve their communities, but too often behaving like military forces in enemy territory complete with combat gear and tanks in the street stoking the flames of discontent. What to do? It’s complicated, of course, but the only real, viable antidote to hate is love, and the most effective remedy to all this violence across America is “Sex Across America.” That also happens to be the name of the pet project and passion of my featured guests on this show, porn star power couple (married 14 years), AVN Hall of Famers and one of the most loving, community-oriented, dynamic duos I know, Alexandra Silk and Luc Wylder.

Featuring: Chelsea Demoiselle , Luc Wylder , Scott Smith

Alexandra Silk Interview with Dr Susan Block
12 : mins
Added 01/25/2014
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Recorded at the Hollywood Show

3's Company [HD]
3 :2  mins
Added 07/22/2011
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Featuring: Bon Jon Syn
Categories: Bush, Fingering, Girl-Girl-Boy, group, Handjob, Kissing, Masturbation, MILF, The Bar, Titty-Sucking

Porn Star Penis Dialogues
199 photos
Added 03/01/2011
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There’s no doubt we love the ladies and their lovely ladyparts here at radioSUZY1, but because we believe in bringing harmony to the universe, this edition of The Dr. Susan Block Show is all about the Big Yang that dangles opposite the Yin in our world, the sausage to the eggs of our balanced breakfast, the rocks and hard places to our soft ones…in other words, the mighty male penis. Rest assured, though, we promise our in-studio guests make sure the night isn’t a total sausage fest. On the girls’ side of the dialogue sit “adult action hero” and fetish model Paris Kennedy, angelically sexy porn newbie Ela Darling, and AVN Hall-of-Famer/Playboy TV “Nightcourt” Bailiff/IPSA certified sex surrogate Alexandra Silk, not to mention our host Dr. Susan Block. On the boys’ side we have Alexandra’s partner Luc Wylder, celebrated porn star and producer on his way to IPSA certification; fun-loving porn star Bon Jon Syn, newest member of the Block Institute’s team of phone sex therapists; award-winning playwright and raconteur Michael Phillips; therapist and author Dr. Gabriel Constans, whose book The Penis Dialogues: Handle With Care serves as a girthy counterbalance to Eve Ensler’s famed Vagina Monologues; and, of course, Prince Max engineering from his revolutionary outpost in the Speakeasy’s Womb Room. Armed with Pipedream Toys penis candles and her personal copy of The Penis Dialogues, Dr. Suzy turns first to Paris to hear how her perspective on the male member changed when she realized she wasn’t a lesbian, thanks to her experience as a professional sub and how wearing a strap-on makes her feel powerful. Alexandra and Luc explain their own D/s dynamic, as well as Luc’s feelings about his other best friend and travel companion below the belt. We’re then introduced to Ela—or reintroduced, as Dr. Suzy and Ela shared an intimate romp late in the evening on Eros Day—who enthusiastically sucks on a cock-shaped lollipop while she discusses how doing lesbian porn fills her insatiable chasm of desire for vagina while her husband’s cock fills her other chasm. When Dr. Suzy’s grilling about interesting pet names for the male member stalls on the standardized “cock,” she reads an excerpt of pet names aloud from The Penis Dialogues, including some more old standards (dick, prick, pecker), some metaphoric (member, unit, middle leg), some technical (joystick, hard drive, microphone), and some way out-there (dillywhat and Leno?), and keeps everyone laughing. Michael adds his British touch to the list with his own personal penis names of Todger, Charlie and Bartholomew. As these details start to get everyone a little wet, Dr. Suzy’s penis-shaped water gun gets overly-excited and squirts a money-shot down Ela’s throat before Dr. Constans calls in to offer some dialogue from his book, reading an excerpt about describing an erection to someone who has never experienced one. The talk turns back to the female guests who excite a lot of penises as they show off their bras and panties: sheer red zebra on Ela, red lace on Paris, and the exotic “transparent” set on Alexandra. With all this exposed skin, it’s logical to start the Agwa “cock”tail tradition, as lime salt disappears in a flurry of licking and sucking. Not to be outdone by the ladies on a show about manhood, Bon strides up to the stripper pole to dramatically expose his own manhood (nicknamed “The Beast”), dancing as Michael reads an excerpt from his own “Penis Parables” about a boy’s rude awakening to the reality of adult sex. Then Alexandra licks her salt off the back of The Beast. Alas, not all penises work as reliably as Bon’s, and Luc and Alexandra fill us in on what sex surrogacy is, and how it can help individuals and couples overcome sexual dysfunction. Moving right along, from functional erection to ecstatic ejaculation, this last climactic squirt in our dialogue comes not from staff, but the distaff. Ela, Paris, Alexandra, and Dr. Suzy converge on the show bed, and with the help of a Hitachi Magic Wand and Paris’ practiced fingers, Ela squirts for the first time on-camera. And we do mean “on-camera,” as her fountain of holy water splashes all over JuxLii’s camera lens! The penises in the room shout their approval (via the mouths of their owners), and Prince Max shouts his solidarity with the ongoing Middle Eastern revolutions, encouraging his revolutionary brothers-in-arms to overthrow the ‘dick’tators and oppressive regimes that try to hold back sexual and personal freedom from gushing forth. Though the on-air broadcast ends here, the energy stays erect and gushing throughout an Erotic After-Party that climaxes with Dr. Suzy fingering Alexandra to another squirting orgasm all over the floor of the Speakeasy bar. So the penises, the guests of honor for the night, end up being soaked by the rains of female ejaculate… but we have a feeling they don’t mind.

Caller 1, Dr. Gabriel Constans, discusses and reads from his book The Penis Dialogues: Handle With Care

Featuring: Bon Jon Syn , Ela Darling , Paris Kennedy
Categories: Big Breasts, Blowjob, Dildo Play, Feet, Pornstars, Punk Girls, Squirting