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20th Wedding Anniversary Celebration
100 :28  mins
Added 09/26/2013
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These days, committed, long-term marriage is going out of style, and for good reason, since most marriages don’t last unless the couple is forced to stay together. But for my Prince and me, wild renegade pair that we are, the old marital tradition holds true—20th anniversary true—and what better reason to host another fun-filled, Commedia Erotica-inspired, Sybian-riding, Speakeasy sex-celebration than twenty truly fantastic years of lawfully wedded love, lust and bonobo revolution? Like any good wedding night, we soon cross the threshold of vows and proclamations, and get right to the Womb Room bed, where the “honeymoon period” is never over—especially if by “honeymoon” you mean sex.

Featuring: Ariel Stonem , Captain Max , Diana Doll , Jennifer Dark

21st Wedding Anniversary Bacchanal
107 :44  mins
Added 05/08/2013
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It’s our 21st wedding anniversary! Finally, our marriage is old enough to drink in California. So what else is there to do but throw a big old bacchanalian celebration of “monogamish” love, lust and healthy, good-natured debauchery? Probably a lot of things, like say, see your doctor, slow down, retire, act your age, make out your will, etc. But maybe one of the secrets to Pr. Max’s and my marital longevity is that we’ve never acted our age or “grown up” at all. We are perpetually at play—with each other, with our Bonoboville friends and lovers and with you, my darling reader—and so the momentous occasion of our 21st anniversary turns into one big orgiastic play-fest to the collective merriment of all.

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Featuring: Barry Fisher , Captain Max , Chris Gore , Engineer Abraham , Fawnia , Hernando Chaves , Jack The Zipper , Jesse Flores , Kiki Daire , Malaika Millions , Master D , Molly , Selma Sins , Sienna Sinclaire , Sinn Sage , Tee Reel , Tom Quinn , Trixie Plenty , Vicky Vixen

A Very Slappy SPANKSGIVING in BonoboVille
99 :46  mins
Added 12/13/2012
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Length: 161:22 minutes Air Date: 11/24/2012

Here in BonoboVille, we find sexy ways to celebrate most holidays, even that quintessentially unsexy Fall Festival of Fat and Carbs when millions of Americans gather together with bickering relatives to feed on heaping helpings of mashed and candied calories in commemoration of the genocidal European invasion of this great land we call America.

So, after getting stuffed (which we do both gastronomically and sexually here in BonoboVille) on Thanksgiving Thursday—with digestion (or indigestion) and shopping on Black Friday—it’s time to leave the kids with a sitter*, clean up the spatulas, get out the paddles and celebrate SPANKSgiving Saturday night!

Yes indeed, brothers and sisters, after we “give thanks” on Thanksgiving for our blessings, we “give spanks” on Spanksgiving for our so-called sins, as well as for the sheer physical and psychological fun of whacking a set of nice, eager, well-toned, slightly quivering buns. Amen and Awomen.

This Spanksgiving features an overflowing banquet of spankers, spankees and celebrities, all engaged in or ogling a variety of spankings from over the knee (OTK), to shackled on the bondage cross, to a swat across a tempting behind as it sidles up to the bar.

We also talk about the impractical, unconstitutional and virtually unenforceable Measure B, and how LA County voters need to be spanked for passing that one—and will be, right in the pocketbook, if the porn industry actually leaves LA.

Thanksgiving or Spanksgiving, ’tis the season to give and give some more. Aside from our usual plea for the bonobos and Sandy victims, there’s the wonderful, award-winning, girl-girl porn star and single mom, Elexis Monroe, now facing a serious bone disease and in need of help from her friends and fans.

*but make sure the sitter doesn’t spank the kids. As the late great Gore Vidal said, “I’m all for bringing back the birch, but only between consenting adults.” See Spanking 101 for why spanking children teaches them that violence is the answer and lowers their IQ. So spare the child and save your rod for your deliciously naughty adult lover. Slappy Spanksgiving!

Featuring: Brock Hard , Dane Cross , Danny De La Paz , Eddie Furlong , Fat Mike , Goddess Soma Snakeoil , Hennessy , Master Liam , Monica Keena , Natalia Starr , Natasha Star , Pippi , Raul Estrella , Shay Golden , Sinn Sage , Starry Knight , Teal Conrad
Categories: Absinthe, Agwa Shots, Cunnilingus, Flogging, Paddling, Spanking, Striptease, Sybian

Expedition Gone Wild
102 :11  mins
Added 09/10/2012
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Air Date: 08/04/2012 For this special expedition into our erotic wild side, Tasia transforms my Womb Room into a fantasy jungle filled with ferocious stuffed animals, a gentle live snake, some trouser snakes, NatGeo’s famous Expedition Wild “animal whisperer,” porn stars gone wild, naked ladies, pretty pussies, horny dogs, cuddly bears, expeditionists, exhibitionists, lovers and friends, all of us (as I often say) “Children of Sex.” Indeed, we’re all Children of Animal Sex (humans being animals), having evolved from other animals and being related to all the creeping, leaping, flying, sprinting, swimming critters of the world. Listen free and learn to free your inner animal, your erotic wild side that is usually repressed by society’s attempts to “civilize” our prehistoric sexual nature (see Sex at Dawn). Not that I’m recommending that anybody toss out their wedding rings, iPads, insulin or ethics (although some animals—especially bonobos–can be rather ethical). But I think it helps to recognize our animal nature and, under certain special circumstances—like when you’re with someone you love and trust or when you’re in BonoboVille—it’s erotically healthy to release the sexy beast within. I almost called this show Expedition Love since love for animals and each other is a running theme, as well as the last name of one of our guests, and in the midst of all the sex partying and Sybian-riding, the seed of real romance appears to have been planted. I won’t name names yet, as these are very special seeds indeed, and the little love bud that seems to have sprouted needs private attention before being exposed to the often harsh light of society. Speaking of special kinds of love, this show is dedicated to the memory of one of my longterm inspirations in life, literature, politics and sex: Gore Vidal. “I never miss an opportunity to have sex or appear on television,” the late great political exhibitionist sayeth, to which I reply Amen and Awomen. Sex and television are super fun, as long as you don’t take either too seriously. Vidal is also famous for proclaiming that “There is no such thing as a homosexual or a heterosexual person. There are only homo- or heterosexual acts. Most people are a mixture of impulses if not practices.” Many non-human animals are too. Both female and male bonobos are notoriously bisexual, and gay and bisexual activity has been documented among lions, giraffes, African elephants and American bison, to name a few. Male grey whales have been observed engaging in “penis fencing,” like male bonobos—not to mention some guys—do. Male Amazon river dolphins engage in anal, genital and blowhole penetration, giving a whole new meaning to the term “blowjob.” There’s a rainbow of sexual diversity in the wild, as there is in any human neighborhood. So many of my sex therapy clients need to relax and enjoy sex, or “get up” the courage to pursue sexual opportunities, without “over-thinking.” It’s funny how often the answer lies in releasing the wild animal within from the cage of our neuroses.

Featuring: Aaliyah Love , Agwa de Bolivia Coca Leaf Liqueur , Andreas Beasley , Casey Anderson , Freak-A-Nique , Jackie , Kim Kandy , Kinky Gaga , Sybian , Yara
Categories: Agwa Shots, Masturbation, Orgasm, Panties, Pole Dancing, Snakes, Squirting, Striptease

“Prinzzess Missy” Love & Death Fest
93 :43  mins
Added 05/30/2012
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Date: 11/12/2011

The best laid plans may not get you laid the way you planned. Sometimes you’ve just got to go with the sexual flow. This happens with some frequency on my show, often creating high levels of Commedia Erotica. This particular show, scheduled to focus on the imminent royal wedding of two princess brides of porn, does a thematic somersault when one fiancée bows out, having come down with a virulent sore throat from too much deep-throat (#pornstarproblem #69) just hours before air-time. A ravishing noble woman cums forth from the Speakeasy court to stand–or make that lie down naked with her feet hooked behind her head–in the stead of the betrothed lady. Then Death himself takes a seat at RadioSUZY1, and the result is over 90 drop-dead awesome minutes of erotic adventures with two of the most beautiful women in porn meeting and making love for the first time, sex-educational “pussy talk” and “asshole talk,” and a couple of opera-worthy orgasms, one of which is loud enough to turn our neighbors into fans.

Featuring: Agwa de Bolivia Coca Leaf Liqueur , Corpsy , Missy Martinez , Prinzzess Felicity Jade , Tasia
Categories: Agwa Shots, Big Breasts, Butt Play, Cunnilingus, Feet, Fingering, Kissing, Orgasm, Panties, Pussy Slapping, Titty-Sucking, Vibrator