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Eros Day VI: Counter-Inaugural Ball
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Added 01/11/2011
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Praise be to the Power & Glory of EROS! What an ecstatic, orgiastic celebration of love, lust and Blue Values! What an EROS DAY! What a night! The Bush Gang may have inaugurated the Spirit of Thanatos onto America's throne on their Inauguration Day, but Dr. Susan Block inaugurates the Spirit of Eros into our hearts, minds and gonads on EROS DAY. If you were here, you will never forget it. If you weren't here, you just have to look at the pictures! If you were here, you know it was more exciting than any party, more erotic than any porn shoot, more beautiful than any art opening, more sensational than any fetish ball, more stimulating than any swing party, more engaging than any theater piece, more thrilling than any amusement park, more inspirational than any revival, more educational than any seminar, more sensuous than any soirée, more awesome freaky fun than any event you'd ever been to before! If you weren't here, well, you'll just have to look at the pictures. Fortunately, we had several fine photographers all capturing different aspects of the EROS DAY magic for you. Watch Dr. Suzy's EROS DAY BALL and you see it all, starting with the naked, wingéd EROS Himself (super studly but goddess-conscious Big D) and VENUS (lovely tantric squirting star Leila Swan) sharing Olympian Sex, complete with sparkling showers of Venusian Holy Water (Venus' own female ejaculate!) baptizing the Faithful. See the exquisitely graceful, elegantly nude Nymphs of Zorbacchus (including Zorthian Muses Jennifer Patton, Lisa Ann Davis & Sarah) all dancing around the spectacular erotic art of the late, great Col. Jirayr H. Zorthian as a hornéd satyr plays the flute, looking like one of the artist's sumptuous paintings come to life right there in the Gallery. Then there's the Counter-Inaugural side of the BALL, from Dr. Suzy and Mistress Sarah ferociously paddling, whipping and generally torturing various human effigies of GW Bush, to Orgasmical singing "Funk You, Mr. President" to Dubya & Condoleeza, to a joyous, rollicking Franco-American Orgy in Dr. Suzy's Show Bed. Additional Highlights include Mistress Genevieve, her big boobs bouncing out of her latex minidress, tying up a naked, sun-kissed Hollie Wood in BLUE bondage rope as the wild, whacky, candy-colored Porn Klown Posse invades the BALL, Mistress Sarah and Slave Brian demonstrating the erotic versatility and fine craftsmanship of their Sick Kitty Bondage Equipment, Dr. Suzy giving Kim her Eros Day B-Day Spanking in rhythm to the Steve Paige Samba Drummers spanking their bongos, naked laughing ladies riding at top-speed through the masked revelers in a wagon pulled by Mistress Cyan's exceedingly well-trained, naked Pony Boy, M the Hula Girl wowing the nymphs, satyrs and bonobos with her sexy swivels and spins, Sissy the Maid drinking every drop of Ms. Genevieve's & Hollie's golden shower, everybody taking sniffs and sips from a champagne flute filled with VENUS' crystal-clear Female Ejaculate, Dr. Suzy squirting for VENUS, then receiving a glittering Magic Wand DP from VENUS and EROS (now that's what you call a Heavenly Ménage), Ms. Genevieve shoving an Osama dildo up the Planet Uranus of a very happy masochist in a Bush mask (who was also, appropriately, wearing a Roman toga), the demure but insatiable Delia making passionate love to two gorgeous hunks at once (EROS Himself and her sexy French boyfriend Pierre), DJ Doktor Ali Boombay's music getting everybody dancing, romancing and, of course, balling at the BALL. The Aphrodisiac Buffet fuels the fires with rare bottles of exotic Agavero Tequila Liqueur, Damiana Strawberries, Chinese herbal aphrodisiacs, caviar, sea urchins, choice meats, pineapple and celery (to sweeten the semen!), succulent fresh oysters (Venus' favorite), BLUE whipped cream and chocolate fondue (to lick off bodies and out of orifices), Nude Beer and Doc Johnson's Pocket Rockets (our favorite Weapon of Mass Corruption), as large and small Sexual Revolutions erupt like orgasms everywhere--in the Gallery, on all the Stages, in the Bar, at the Aphrodisiac Buffet, in the Piano Room, in the Rest Room and, of course, in the Womb Room, even on the street outside the Gallery! Other illustrious EROS DAY BALL guests include Lawrence GARTEL (the Father of Digital Art who taught Andy Warhol how to use a computer), Dabney Zorthian (beautiful beaming widow of Col Jirayr H. Zorthian), renowned sex therapist Dr. Diana Wiley, distinguished civil liberties attorney and Socialist Party candidate John Burton, famed sexologist Dr. Vern Bullough, "Ghostbusters" and Arnold Schwartzeneggar ("Twins") Producer/Artist Michael Gross, columnist Roberta Morgan, Jeff & Kris Booth of Erotic University, Eros Day exhibiting artists Sayko, Lanning Gold, Eban Lehrer, Alex Saglimbeni, Ellis Martin and Tom Zimmerman, and sultry sex educator LaSara Firefox, plus many famous stars and politicians who prefer to remain anonymous (take a good look at some of the people wearing masks), everyone inhaling the Spirit of Eros, the Breath of Life, together. If you were here, you probably experienced even more extraordinary moments in the sexy little sideshows of Dr. Suzy's EROS DAY BALL . If you weren't, you just have to look at the pictures... So take a look!

Featuring: Big D , Leila Swan , Lisa Ann Davis , Nymphs of Zorbacchus , Orgasmical , Porn Klown Posse
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