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With rainbow tinted eggs stuffed with kisses, condoms, panties and sex toys, this show honors Easter Eve, when Jesus Christ is Born Again, welcomed back to life by the Original Easter Bunny, Mary Magdalene, ushering in a new Spring. It’s also Passover, the Week of Wine and Crackers and Shaking off the Shackles of Slavery. And it’s Persian New Year (well, within a few days), so we celebrate that too. It’s also La Primavera, the festival of the “first green” blossoms of the year when, according to classical Greco-Roman mythology, the radiant Goddess Persephone (Proserpina to the Romans) soars up from the Bowels of Hell, where her Bad Boy husband Hades (aka Pluto) keeps her all Winter long. In Eleusis, the place of the erotic Eleusinian Mysteries, the Holy Daughter is “born again,” rejoining Mother Demeter (Ceres), fair-haired fertility Goddess of the Earth, who is so ecstatic to embrace the Fruit of Her Loins that She showers the world in Spring! La Primavera! Carissami Amiche… C’est la printemps, mes amants…

Featuring: Idelsy Love , Marcus London , Pamela Balian , Unlicensed Professionals