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Bonobo Way Book Launch
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Added 02/23/2015
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It’s my darling prime mate Capt’n Max’s biggest birthday bash yet, a rousing re-opening of the “Speakeasy” at Bonoboville in West LA, a slightly bumpy-but-über-fun first live broadcast from the new studios and an exuberant, orgasmic and fiery launch for The Bonobo Way – FREE on Kindle November 12-15! And no, you needn’t have a Kindle to take advantage; you can download a free Kindle app so you can read it on any smartphone, iThing, tablet or computer. Note: if you’re one of the fine folks who bought, received or wrangled a signed first edition print copy, you should still get the Free Kindle anyway because that’s where you’ll see the amazing full-color photos of both bonobo and human apes in action

Featuring: Aaliyah Corsets , Amor Hilton , Anthony Winn , Catherine Imperio , Chelsea Demoiselle , Christian Bruyère , Danny O'Neill , Dark Phoenix , Goddess Maya , Hercules Liotard , Jux Lii , Lola Ya Bonobo , Misti Dawn , Paul Provenza , Paula Tiberius , Samantha Fairley , Tina Romantica , Tom Quinn , Trixie Plenty , Unlicensed Professionals , Vivy Chao
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Sexual Healing
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Added 03/02/2013
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After the extreme highs and lows of our insane Purim Bacchanal, it’s time for a little recovery and healing… sexual healing. It’s something we all need, from the Vatican to the Speakeasy, from the hopeless to the Popeless, from Marvin Gaye to 50 Shades of Grey, from inside to outside DrSuzy.tv… we all have sexual energy, and one way or another, it’s going to have to come out. Hopefully in a nice big load!.. or at least in beautiful, positive, healthy, peace-through-pleasure ways. Otherwise it can manifest in ugly, negative, violent, hypocritical ways. This show and the joyous, healing orgy that follows channels that energy into where it is best, most naturally suited… sexual pleasure!

Featuring: Amor Hilton , Anthony Winn , Mia Culpa
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