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Sex, Toys & Rock n Roll
100 :50  mins
Added 10/17/2012
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Length: 102:55 minutes Date: 09/22/2012

It’s the autumnal equinox, and as the sun rises later and night falls sooner, humans find comfort in sex, toys and rock n roll, and so it has been since prehistory. Sex, of course, has been around a lot longer than humans, going all the way back to the cellular level of life. Sex toys—using inanimate objects for sexual pleasure—are also older than humanity. Chimps and monkeys rub their genitalia against tree branches. Years ago, I saw Lana, a female bonobo in the San Diego Zoo, bouncing a rubber ball vigorously against her big pink swollen vulva. It was obvious she wasn’t just practicing her dribble; she was using the rubber ball as a masturbatory sex toy.

Rock n Roll also has prehistoric—even, perhaps, prehuman—antecedents. Chimps and bonobos bang on hollow tree logs to make a kind of “music.” Kanzi—probably the world’s most famous “genius” bonobo thanks to his work with the brilliant Dr. Sue Savage-Rumbaugh—has jammed quite harmoniously on the keyboards with Peter Gabriel.

Charles Darwin hypothesized that music’s evolutionary purpose was for human sexual selection or, as Geoffrey Miller stated, the role of musical display was—and still is—for “demonstrating fitness to mate.” This is why rock stars often have even more active sex lives than porn stars. And this is why this show is so much fun!

Featuring: California Exotic Novelties , Kim Kandy , Kylie Johnson , Munkey Barz , Phil Varone , Pipedream Products , Sybian , Tara Lynn Foxx , Tom Quinn
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