Christopher Ryan, Ph.D

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Sex at Dawn IV
91 :11  mins
Added 08/11/2015
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It’s Sex at Dawn co-author Dr. Christopher Ryan’s fourth sapiosexually stimulating guest appearance on The Dr. Susan Block Show in exactly five years. Since our first August, 2010 phoner (which he called, in his book’s inscription, “the best interview of all time”) and his first in-studio visit later that year and appearance #3, Sex at Dawn has become not *just* a New York Times best-seller translated into 20 different languages, but a beloved, oft-quoted Bible for a new generation of sex revolutionaries, and we’re proud to have been one of the very first to acknowledge Sex at Dawn’s genius back in the summer of 2010. Flash forward five years later, and here we are celebrating the book’s success with a Womb Room packed with fans and bonoboesque feelings. It’s actually a full “Sex at Dawn Day” for me, commencing with a little marital sex at dawn—the Capt’n and I getting hot just anticipating another sexy night in Bonoboville—and it just gets hotter from there. In fact, by the time Chris gets here to interview me about The Bonobo Way for his podcast “Tangentially Speaking,” it’s sweltering in the shade. Then we have to turn off the noisy air-conditioning to do the interview.

Featuring: Arden Leigh , Del Rey , Dr. Christopher Ryan , Natasha Juja , Stefani Special , Tal OM

Sex at Dawn III
98 :59  mins
Added 06/06/2012
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Air Date: 12/03/2011

In our third live broadcast focused on Sex at Dawn: The Prehistoric Origins of Modern Sexuality, the Womb Room explodes into a chasm of brain-gasms that lead to a daisy-chain of orgasms, male sword-swallowing (the most dangerous deep throating you’ve ever seen), squirting, fisting and then back to brain-gasms again. A sensational and provocative Commedia Erotica festival of sex & the discussion of sex—who says you can’t judge a book by its lover(s).

Featuring: Cherie DeVille , Dani Jensen , Jayden Cole , Jonni Lynch , Lily Cade , Murrugun the Mystic , Sex Nerd Sandra , Tasia
Categories: Agwa Shots, Blowjob, Cunnilingus, Dancing, Fire Play, Girl-Girl, Orgasm, Panties, Squirting, Sword-Swallowing, Titty-Sucking, Vibrator