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Episode Bloggamy:  April Showers
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April Showers
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Added 04/04/2013
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April Showers bring Deauxma (pronounced “Doo-May”) flowers in SQUIRT SALON #32, featuring the one and only, great Texas “Geyser of Desire,” Deauxma, who once again baptizes me and my bed in glorious gushes of her sparkling Holy Water. Yes indeed, Brothers and Sisters, Lovers and Sinners, it’s another Super Soaker of Squirt on The Dr. Susan Block Show! Open up your umbrellas and enjoy the rain. This Squirt Salon comes hot on the heels of Dr. Adam Ostrenski’s recent study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, that supposedly “proves” the existence of the G-Spot. I’m a big believer in the G-Spot, mainly because I’ve got one and I’ve found them in many other women. Unfortunately, Ostrenski’s new research, based on his dissection of one 82-year-old woman’s cadaver, isn’t likely to convince many G-Spot naysayers. But hot MiLF Deauxma proves you don’t even need to *have* a G-Spot to squirt, since she does it from clitoral stimulation in conjunction with being immersed in an “erotic environment,” along with being kissed and caressed. We are only too happy to provide all the loving, passionate kisses and caresses that Deauxma needs—in the Speakeasy, which could be said to be the most “erotic environment” on earth–and we are rewarded with great April Showers of shimmering ejaculate. I drink to that—literally, as we gather some of the squirt in a bowl (the Superbowl of Squirt!), then pour it into a crystal flute, and I host a toast with Champagne Deauxma, sipping the clear, almost flavorless elixir myself before sharing it with a number of audience volunteers thirsty for fresh Holy Water. Drink ye, and be merry, and let us say A-men… and more appropriately, A-women!

Featuring: Angie Noir , Deauxma
Categories: Squirting