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Return of D.A.D.
105 :42  mins
Added 08/04/2018
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by Dr. Susan Block The Trumpocalypse is upon us: climate change roiling Mother Earth, migrant children being ripped from their parents, neo-Nazis on the march, military build-up as social services are stripped, sexists stealing women’s rights and corporations stealing all of our resources. Meanwhile, the Narcissist-in-Tweet spews maddening vitriol, stimulating hate in the basest of his base and distracting the rest of us from the great multi-trillion dollar heist he and the uber-greedy .001% are pulling off that could lead rather quickly to the curtain call of the human race (and most other species) on Earth.

Featuring: Goddess Soma Snakeoil , Ikkor the Wolf , Jeeves , Jenna Rotten , Michael Q. Schmidt , Miss Antoinette , Mistress Tara Indiana , Rhiannon Aarons , T.M.I.