Omar-Prince of Pop

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MJ/Prince & the Sexpot Amputee
102 :3  mins
Added 01/13/2018
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by Dr. Susan Block A wondrous one-legged porn star, the ghost of Michael Jackson and the spirit of Prince come together—where else, but in Bonoboville—on an amazing, comic, erotic, intimate and very illuminating episode of The Dr. Susan Block Show Watch and learn how a so-called “disability” can be a springboard to sexual super power. The Show-Eating Facebook Monster Speaking of disabilities, this is our second show in a row that Facebook disables for no apparent reason. The Facebook Live broadcasts goes smoothly, getting lots of views, “likes,” “loves,” “hahas” and comments, and Capt’n Max is careful not to show any of the nudity. But after we hit “post,” it vanishes. We have no idea why. They never tell you. And who are “they”? Bots? Prudes? Gestapo? Mark Zuckerberg Zuckheads?

Featuring: Amputee Brittney , Ikkor the Wolf , Phoenix Dawn