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Episode Bloggamy:  Flying Pink Spanks on The Air
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Flying Pink Spanks
94 :44  mins
Added 08/30/2011
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Jetstreaming into June with a cast of high-fliers, veteran sex performers, hot fledglings, hip producers, feminist hemp activists, soaring superheroes, flying pink piglets and bouncing blonde bonobos, this fun and boobalicious episode of The Dr. Susan Block Show climaxes with an epic chain spanking of flying palms and fingers, dedicated to spanking out the American Perma-Wars and spreading peace through pleasure around the world.

Featuring: Amanda Blow , Captain Max , Erica McLean , Katie Kinns , Marc From The Dark , Missy Mathers , Tere Joyce
Categories: Agwa Shots, Dildo Play, Kissing, Panties, Pornstars, Spanking, Titty-Sucking, Vibrator