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Jordan Edwards better known as Jordan The Comic. Who am I kidding? You know me as The Reverend! Personal Site:  Jordan the Comic
Social Media:  @Jordanthecomic
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Fireworks of Sex Not Guns
106 :1  mins
Added 06/30/2018
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by Dr. Susan Block It’s 4th of July season in Bonoboville, and Phoenix and I are so decked out in Old Glory; we could be MAGA-crazed Trump rally cheerleaders with a side business selling star-spangled ladies’ panties to staunch Republican alpha male operatives with secret cuckold fantasies. But all it takes to leak the real (not fake) news about us is for my fabulous ass. producer to turn around and show us her fabulous ass, where “Fuck Trump” is emblazoned in big navy comic-font letters just begging to be spanked… and they are.

Featuring: Felicity Feline , Ikkor the Wolf , Phoenix Dawn , Pretty Boy , Professor Oni , Ron Jeremy , Trinity Rose