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Art, Sex & Death in Bonoboville, LA, Washington & Yemen
111 :10  mins
Added 03/08/2017
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by Dr. Susan Block Art can instigate or pacify, “comfort the afflicted,” in the immortal words of Finley Peter Dunne, “or afflict the comfortable.” Two of the most compelling and controversial subjects that art can address are sex and death. Tackling these touchy topics in their respective artworks are my first two guests, mixed media artist Sara Lurie and tattoo and poster artist Howard Teman. Both depict very sexy—as well as a few rather unsexy—naked bodies and body parts, political and religious symbols, themes of erotic bondage, blow jobs, guns, blood, spiders, scorpions, a braid of hair that turns into a hang man’s noose, and a few notable celebrities in compromising positions, including JFK between Marilyn’s legs. My third guest, sexpot socialite Amor Hilton, is grappling with the loss of her friend, Christina Dolce, aka “Forbidden,” dubbed the “Queen of Myspace” by Vanity Fair in 2006; now dead of liver failure at 35.

Featuring: Amor Hilton , Gypsy , Sara Lurie , Shannon St. James
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