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Free Speech Coalition advocate. Personal Site:  Julian Ann Live!
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#NoProp60 with Julia Ann, Siouxsie Q & the Free Speech Coalition
100 :13  mins
Added 09/21/2016
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by Dr. Susan Block There’s a big bully in town, and he’s picking on porn stars, but you could be next. Seriously, you could, and you will, unless you—that is, we—stop him. The bully is one Michael Weinstein, CEO of the LA-based AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF), wannabe California Sex Czar, a Mafia boss for the New Age Nanny State. Herr Weinstein’s latest nonconsensual gambit into our bedrooms is the atrocious, expensive, misleading, nonsensical and downright tyrannical California Proposition 60, on the ballot November 8th. Pretending to “protect” adult performers by requiring that they wear condoms, Prop 60 actually would force them to either leave the state, go underground or don the equivalent of hazmat suits while having sex, even if they are a married, monogamous couple

Featuring: #NoProp60 , Captain Max , Carmen Foxx , Del Rey , Little Loni Legend , Siouxsie Q James