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Check out http://abigailgreydanus.com for all your custom latex desires! Profile of a latex fashion designer who's sex positive, polyamorous, and queer.
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Kink Month SMACK in the Middle: Bday Spankings, Canings, Medical Play & Beating Trump with the Bonob
92 :28  mins
Added 10/21/2016
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by Dr. Susan Block Smack in the middle of Kink Month 2016, Bonoboville gets smack-happy with a spanking hot birthday celebration and an intense medical examination that may leave you breathless and protecting your crotch. With Trump at the top of the GOP (“Grab Our Pussies,” with a hat tip to Bill Mahr) ticket, there’s a lot to protect your crotch from these days. Indeed, the wannabe Pussy-Grabber-in-Chief makes an appearance on this show; it’s Halloween season, so the scary monsters are coming out of their towers. But the Trumpster is a changed man. Maybe he spent too long in the tanning booth or accidentally took the antidote to whatever whitening potion Michael Jackson used to take. Whatever happened, Donald Trump is now African-American (at least on this show)! Though his face and hair remain orange as a Jack O’Lantern, his tiny hands are a rich chocolate brown. Thus this Ku Klux Klan darling finally realizes that #BlackLivesMatter.

Featuring: Del Rey , Jacquie Blu , Jay Toriko aka Chynna Doll , Sarah Bella , sissy maid bianca , Sydney Jones , Tammie Parrott