Miss Angelina Adams

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Femme Feetale, Humiliatrix, Mastress of Mindfuckery, Whovian, Mathochist, Anglophile, Sexual Ninja, Lover of Pervs, Nerds & Weirdos Social Media:  @MsAngelinaAdams
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Goddess Fae Black & the Bonoboësque FemDom 4
100 :17  mins
Added 04/08/2016
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by Dr. Susan Block Freedom may be the greatest aphrodisiac, but restraint is a close second. So it is with great erotic excitement, admiration and perky nipples that we welcome to Bonoboville stunningly statuesque bondage expert, pro-Domme and fetish model extraordinaire, Goddess Fae Black and the fantastic FemDom 4. We are beating the drums (and buns!) for DomCon 2016 (last Saturday, with the DTease, we beat our drum so hard, we smashed it!) where I will present The Bonobo Way: A New FemDom Paradigm for Humanity, and Goddess Fae will reign as Mistress of Ceremonies.

Featuring: Del Rey , Goddess Fae Black , Lady D Royal , Rox Van Der Lee , Slaveboi Julia , Sydney Jones