The Original Wondrous Vulva Puppet

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The Original Wondrous Vulva Puppet was created in 1992. "The most effective tool in sex education, demonstrating sex toys Speaks any language! Made in the USA!" Personal Site:  The one and only Wondrous Vulva Puppet
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HYPNOSIS USA: From Victoria Woodhull to Donald Trump to Jacqui Holland
114 :26  mins
Added 03/20/2016
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by Dr. Susan Block You are getting sleepy…. Escape the mass hypnosis of the Trump rally, stirring the mob to brutal mayhem, and experience its bonoboësque alter ego, erotic hypnotherapy, helping you to relax, evolve and discover greater heights of pleasure, arousal and harmony with the world. There are many sides to hypnosis—good, evil, erotic and political—and this show explores them all . We also continue Women’s History Month with a nod to Victoria Woodhull, along with a hat tip to the Woodhull Freedom Foundation, now fighting for our rights to practice consensual BDSM, recently threatened by a Virginia federal court ruling. Woodhull herself was a great freedom fighter, a maverick and a very successful businesswoman who ran for President at a time when American women didn’t even have the right to vote.

Featuring: Dayton Rains , Del Rey , Ikkor the Wolf , Jacqui Holland